Saturday, November 6, 2010

Highlights from Halloween

We spent last weekend in Copan Ruinas for the infamous annual Peace Corps Halloween Party. While we didn't have a chance to visit the ruins, we did have a great time with our friends and ate a lot of delicious food! Check out our pics!

Nolan on the zipline

Nicki on the zipline

Hiking across the river from Copan (you can kind of see the town in the background)

Sexiest Costume Winners - The Lady Gagas

Carrie and Sean - Adam and Eve

Our favorite costume that didn't win - Jose as Mario Kart

Best Costume Winners - 4 Honduran National Beers

Us - Lenca Couple (traditional group in our area) You can't see Nicki's rubber boots or Nolan's swaddled baby on his back - those really make the costume

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  1. Oh Nolan you do make a pretty girl!! You will wonder who the heck this is...I worked with your papa at Taritan! Looks like you are having some wonderful adventures...thanks for sharing!